First Step !

Electric systems development 

  • Feasibility studies and electrical and electronic systems solutions analysis
  • Complete electronic board design
  • Electrical diagram design (Altium, Orcad)
  • Printed circuit diagram design
  • Component selection and detailed equipment list (BOM)
  • Electrical and mechanical integration
  • Programming of embedded systems with C and C++ microcontrollers. Experience with a wide range of microcontroller manufacturers : Atmel, Microchip, TI, Freescale, and more. 
  • Programmable logic programming : CPLD and FPGA
  • Wireless technology circuit and RF systems design : Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, and more
  • Power circuit design

Machine and machinery electrical system development and integration

  • Complete system analysis
  • Electrical diagram design and drawing
  • Retail design including component selection and full electrical systems integration
  • Customized electrical test bench and procedure development