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Looking for financial support ? 

Through its Support Program, Genix helps businesses develop their projects with tailored and targeted grant application support. By maximizing your claims and minimizing your documentation efforts, we aim to help you push your projects forward. Let us take care of : 

  • The paperwork involved in applying for a tax credit or subsidy
  • Identifying, amongst the many programs, financial assistance programs that meet your specific needs in an optimal way
  • Implementing the amazing resources offered to you to give you that extra push and allow you to bring your biggest projects to life

Numerous financial resource programs

Trust our scientific and technical advisors to identify and obtain the grants that you're eligible for, based on your needs. Prioritization is key! Here are some of the major support programs we can help you with : 

This federal tax incentive program (to which the Provincial Government endorses the Federal Government’s decision) is designed to encourage Canadian industries to conduct research and development in Canada. The program is the most important source of Federal Government support for industrial research and development, and is designed to promote technological advancement in both pure research and products or processes.

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The Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) provides financial support to qualifying small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada that wish to develop technologies by offering direct grants of up to $ 500,000 (the average being $ 94,000)

Unlike the SR & ED program, in order to access financial assistance, the project must be supported by a high commercial success probability within a maximum of 18 to 24 months after the start of the project. The project must also be fully documented, including technological objectives and uncertainties, anticipated challenges and obstacles, work plan, budget, project rationale, market, competition, sales forecast, return on investment, an so on.

Generated through investments from immigrant investors, this financing program is aimed at growing Québec companies. The contribution may cover from 10 to 15% (for start-up companies) of the project development costs related to the production, technological innovation, establishment of new standards, marketing outside of Quebec, and so on.

The Building in Canada Innovation Program provides assistance to Canadian companies of all sizes to help them propel their laboratory goods and services to larger markets.

CanExport provides direct financial assistance to small and medium-sized businesses seeking new export opportunities and new markets.

The Tax credit for e-business development is dedicated to encouraging the hiring and retention of jobs in the information technology field of information technology. It’s an excellent program that supports companies looking to increase their activities in the IT field.

The EcoPerformance Program supports projects or measures that:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Improve the energy efficiency of processes and buildings
  • Reduce fugitive emissions from processes and buildings
  • Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels

The TechnoClimate Program aims to encourage the development of new technologies or processes in the field of energy efficiency and emerging energy.

The residual Forest Biomass Program is available to businesses, institutions and municipalities that use fossil fuels and are committed to reducing their consumption in a measurable and sustainable manner through the implementation of conversion measures to residual forest biomass.