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GENIx, helping you grow ! 

Genix is proud to make your projects a true success. What we do? We help bring your project to life by supporting you from beginning to start. Whether it's the initial launch, product development, or engineering processes, our services will complement your business activities. 

To support you as you launch your product development and engineering projects, we offer different services that will be in perfect synergy with your company's activities. 


Genix supports you throughout the different project development stages. Our services include : 

    • Product developmentby a team of exceptional engineers and technicians (design, engineering, prototype manufacturing...)
    • Claiming service to fund your projects through various government subsidies and support programs
    • Strategic human ressources development, coaching and talent development training


A team of multidisciplinary experts

Our team is made up of passionate and professional individuals. We're focused on helping you attain your growth objectives and reach your future goals by taking your projects to the next level. Success is what we're committed to. With our various services we creare an innovative structure that empowers you with the developmental skills to make your project as profitable as possible. We take your success to heart. In fact, that's what drives us to see further. We go great lenghts to ensure that our customers feel right at home. Let's collaborate to make it happen. Welcome to the Genix family ! 

Infinite knowledge

Innovation and improving competitive positioning are both crucial to the success of today's businesses. Offering these services within your company allows you to work towards a harmonious evolution that respects your vision of the future. Monitoring technological developments on an ongoing basis allow us to understand the core issues that are at the heart of your projects. We work hard and succeed, and it's thanks to our ongoing professional development that we can offer the best of ourselves and bring maximal value to our customers and their businesses. 

Genix helps you optimize resources for your projects!
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We create our ecosystem - our story

We work in an environment built by us, in a participatory way, to generate success in a working environment that reflects a positive impact for our customers.
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