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Genix propulses innovation to the heart of your processes and working teams ! 


At Genix, we're convinced that it's possible to help organizations transform and become more efficient in a way that values the contributes made by each team member. Genix Groupe Conseil actively contributes to the development and growth of the teams and organizations of tomorrow! 

Our services

Our goal is to provide organizations with human resource support in a context where companies have a flagrant lack of internal resources.

Our aim is to offer you the support that allows you to integrate a structure, achieve your productivity objectives, attendance, retention, etc.

In this perspective, we are offering this flexible range of services according to your needs.


  • Establishment of an HR department, needs assessment; structure, organization chart, policies, procedures, tools, etc. ;
  • Outsourcing and / or support and consulting services;

    • Recruitment, branding, onboarding, performance management, and compensation ;
    • Pay equity, compensation structure and employees benefits ;
    • Training and skills development ;
    • Employment relationship, conflict and discipline management skills ; 
    • Health, safety and wellness. 
  • Employee handbook
  • Job Descriptions
  • Organizational chart
  • Training Manuals
  • Integration procedure for new employees
  • Lean Manufacturing Production Process ;
  • Cartographic representation ; 
  • Organizational effectiveness improvement ;
  • Provisional forward planning of manpower and skills needs ;
  • Development and delivery of information and training (varied training modality including e-learning) ;
  • Creation and management of continuous improvement groups ;

  • Management and reduction of industrial waste through output gaps ; 

  • Establishment of Toyota system management tools : Performance indicator, planning/scheduling, SMED method, Kaizen method, 5S’s system, Kanban system, Gemba Walk method ;

  • Genix is a Tervene authorized partner for the training and introduction of operations management technological tools ; 
  • Genix is also an authorized partner of the MLM (ERP/CRM) tailor made solution for the training and introduction of this web-based technology.
  • evaluate skills and workforces requirement
    • Think about restructuring options and internal staff training programme to re-evaluate primary workforce needs
  • Write job offers
  • Job postings
    • Optimize the visibility of job offers on the company's various display sites and social networks
  • Use head hunting techniques if required
  • Write the interview guides
  • Evaluation of candidates, take in charge all the job interviews
  • Manage the salary and benefits negociations and make an official job offer